Electronics (E-Waste) Recycling

Secure Electronics Recycling

For excess hardware with no residual value Frost Bryan will securely and efficiently recycle your surplus hardware. Frost Bryan employs a zero-landfill policy and all hardware is processed in accordance with all local, state, and Federal guidelines. Only R2 downstream companies are used to recycle hardware with no value.​​


    The next steps for the units that are deemed not for sale or non-working are to be torn down for parts and items are separated into component parts. These parts could consist of items such as steel, copper, aluminum, glass, plastic, memory, and CPUs. These raw materials are then sent to R2 Certified downstream processors.

    Frost Bryan issues a certificate of recycling and data security for all hardware processed.

    Your Data Is Secure

     All data bearing assets (Hard Drives, Network Switches, Phones, etc.) are erased, cleared, or destroyed before they leave our care, custody, and control. Any client identifiable information (asset tags, personal stickers, etc.) are removed from an item before it is certified.

    Frost Bryan verifies that all items are recycled in accordance with all State, Local and Federal Laws, as well as all data and personal information has been removed in accordance with NIST 800-88 and DOD 5220.22M.